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Advertise at AdNet will increase your sales and leads. Adnet gives opportunity to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to promote their products and services at affordable price.

Here are the benefits

– Affordable advertising fee

– ERC20 Ethereum Standard token

– Geo Targeted audience

– Protection form fraud and invalid clicks.


To advertise register here!

After registration you can send the payment in paypal in billing or ETH to this address


We also accept Litecoin minimum deposit is 0.1 LTC


Dogecoin Min Deposit 200 Doge




1 AdNet : 0.035 USD

1 Adnet : 0.0001 ETH


Minimum deposit is 0.03 ETH or 300 AdNet

(For the early development, Adnet will give you Adnet token when you send ETH to the wallet, After January the payment made in Adnet token only).


After you send your ETH or Adnet token please make confirmation to this form!


Within 24 Hours in working days your account will be activated.

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